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Mon-Fri: from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m

Sat: from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sun: day off



Thanks to its natural origin, the water has an optimal pH level and the composition of trace elements. Indicators are monitored during the filtration process and always brought to WHO standards.

Multi-stage cleaning includes:

structuring by classical music

multi-level filtering

ozone sterilization

UV disinfection

oxygen enrichment


Our operator will call you to coordinate the delivery time and specify the amount of the order.

Place your order by specifying all the necessary information.

Orders are accepted on the website around the clock. Orders are processed and delivered during business hours.

Delivery is carried out within Kyiv.

Ordering for the first time?

1. How to order drinking water in Kyiv on the website?

Enter your first and last name, contact phone number, full delivery address (city, street, house number, apartment number), pump or cooler if necessary.

For the first order, a security deposit of the amount is paid for each polycarbonate bottle 300 UAH.

These funds will be returned to you in case of termination of cooperation.

*Undamaged bottles from other suppliers are also accepted as collateral.

2. How to pay for "Vodoliy" water order on the website?

Online payment is made using details after placing an order.

Vodoliy water delivery service: pure water from a pure heart!

Are you tired of untasty water and uncomfortable filters? Looking for a company to order water in Kyiv at a great price and obtain good customer service? Here we are! Welcome to the best water delivery service in the capital! We provide services for all the districts of Kyiv, leaving you no chance to feel thirsty.

Vodoliy: fast delivery of drinking water in Kyiv

The Vodoliy company has been successfully serving customers in different Ukrainian cities for more than 20 years. And for more than 5 years we have been working in the capital. Nowadays, above 2,000 Kyiv residents are our regular customers: they are entrepreneurs and athletes, senior citizens and office workers, musicians, and doctors, constantly busy "go-getters" and caring parents. We adapt to the needs of everyone to ensure timely and convenient water delivery at a favourable price in Kyiv. Despite traffic jams and weather conditions, we are always in service, and 98% of orders are delivered on time. We arrange tastings, take part in exhibitions and festivals regularly just to be closer to the consumer, and also delight our constant clients with pleasant gifts.

Bottle of water - the best friend of your health

That's it, we are not joking! Depending on the age and individual characteristics, the human body 60-80% consists of liquid. Any fluid in our body is a kind of solution of various concentrations. For example, synovial fluid, which so-to-say lubricates the joints, is nothing more than water with amino acids and complex polysaccharides dissolved in it. The liquid is everywhere in our bodies: tissue layers of skin, muscles, internal organs, and the space between them. Even nails and hair also contain a small percentage of water. 

Our everyday water loss equals more than two liters. Part of the water is excreted by the sweat glands, part by the kidneys and the digestive system, and another part comes out when we breathe. To avoid dehydration, these losses must be regularly replenished. And it is not only about the loss of the fluid itself, but also the substances that are excreted along with it, namely, electrolytes and other important trace elements.

An adult should consume at least 30 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight during the day to maintain the water balance in the body. For a child or an athlete, the quantity is even higher. Finally, the water intake should be raised even more when it's hot or where ill. Of course, the easiest way to stick to this mode is to always have bottled water on hand. 

If you are experiencing insomnia, constipation, pressure and breathing problems, headaches, weakness, spasms, joint pain, crackling, or hot flashes, make sure you are drinking enough water. All of these ailments can be symptoms of dehydration, and quite possibly they can be eliminated by simply consuming more liquid. And that is a piece of cake - you can order Vodoliy water at home or work, wherever in Kyiv.

What are the benefits of bottled water?

  • A carboy is made of durable, wear-resistant, and environmentally friendly material known as polycarbonate, which, unlike PET, does not emit toxic substances into the water;
  • One carboy is equal to almost 10 two-liter or 20-liter bottles. Besides, the carboys last for several years whereas the common bottles are thrown away, littering the environment;
  • It is much more profitable to order water delivery services in Kyiv than buy water in supermarkets.
  • What kind of water to buy?

In Kyiv, tap water is not suitable for drinking. One should come up with alternatives. Buying water from a store is troublesome as well, because there is always a risk of forgetting about it, and you don’t want to carry extra weight in your bag. For offices, cafes, and restaurants, this option is completely unprofitable. Filters are often inconvenient and too expensive considering how often cartridges need to be changed. It concerns both filter jugs and membrane ones. Moreover, purified water does not contain important body elements, and its excessive use can further disturb the water balance.

The best option is artesian water, naturally enriched with a complex of trace elements performing important functions in the human body. For example, magnesium normalizes the functioning of the heart and nervous system; sodium maintains vascular tone and is needed for muscle contractions; calcium provides bone density. Artesian water is extracted from sources lying so deep that neither anthropogenic pollution (provoked by man) nor harmful microorganisms can spoil it.

What is the origin of the best drinking water in Kyiv?

Vodoliy artesian water is extracted from a 128 m deep well, located in the village of Zhuliany, Kyiv region. The well is a part of the Cenomanian aquifer. There is an ecologically clean zone with no industrial facilities for many kilometres around the well. That means that pollution, even theoretically, cannot affect the water.

Thanks to its natural origin, water has an optimal pH level and microelement composition. The characteristics are strictly monitored, and during the filtration process, they are always brought to WHO standards. Products undergo multi-stage cleaning, which includes:

  • multi-level filtering;
  • ultraviolet disinfection;
  • ozone sterilization;
  • oxygen enrichment;
  • classical music structuring - for aesthetes and the most demanding clients.

The result is tasty, clean, healthy water that is suitable for everyone: children and adults, active people and those who prefer to stay home, the elderly, and people with any diseases. It is suitable both for drinking directly and for preparing food or drinks. There will be no scale, sediment, odd tastes, or other problems. We care about the health of every customer!

Client-oriented and high-quality water ordering service 

At work or home, in the center or on the outskirts - you can always order water in Kyiv from us. Complete an application through the website, by phone (there is a landline and three mobile phone numbers), or in any available messenger (Telegram, Viber). You can also choose the most convenient payment way - in cash or by card on the site. The managers will answer all your questions.

There is a delivery service at any time convenient for you - from 8:00 to 20: 00 on weekdays and from 8:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays. You can also purchase equipment for bottled water from us - a dispenser, a pump, or a cooler. Our managers and support staff will be happy to advise, help you make the right choice, install the equipment and properly care for it in the future.

To buy water in Kyiv, just contact us!

Be healthy, strong, energetic, and cheerful! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Mind your time, saving it for important things and a pleasant stay, whereas Vodoliy will help you with pure water supply!