Water delivery in the Pecherskyi district

The Pecherskyi district is the first from several different perspectives. It is the oldest district in Kyiv, the most picturesque in terms of architecture, the smallest in the area, and the most expensive. Since this is a place with a rich history, where, in addition, a lot of industrial enterprises and cultural institutions are concentrated, renting an apartment here is very expensive, not to mention buying. A cup of coffee in some coffee shops in Pechersk costs twice as much as in other areas. But the prices for the products and services of the Vodoliy company are the same, both affordable and beneficial for everyone! We offer:

  • Pure, tasty water, extracted from an artesian well.
  • Water delivery to the Pecherskyi district at a convenient time for you.
  • Different payment options;
  • Consultations on the equipment for drinking water and its operation.

What is interesting about the Pecherskyi district?

The area called Lypky is considered the most prestigious for living in the Pecherskyi district. In the middle of the 19th century, it was inhabited by the Kyiv aristocracy, officials, and military. In Soviet times, nomenklatura employees lived there. The name of the area is so strongly associated with prestige and material well-being that elite housing complexes in other areas began to be called Lypky only to emphasize their status.

The main street here is Hrushevskyi Street, which houses the buildings of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers, the National Art Museum, the Parliamentary Library, the Mariinskyi Palace, and other significant objects.

The street connects with Kniazi Ostrogski, and also with Shovkovychna, where the State Plastic Drama Theatre is located. In its turn, the picturesque Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard adjoins it.

Mykola Mikhnovskyi Boulevard also deserves your attention. It runs between rows of skyscrapers from above which it looks like a river flowing between steep rocky banks. The boulevard connects with Mykhailo Boychuk Str, which belongs to the area known as Zwirynets. From here it is already a stone's throw to the neighboring area. So, a view of the Telychka industrial zone opens up from the mountain Lysa Hora area.

Where to buy water in the Pecherskyi district?

The population of the Pecherskyi district is more than 150 thousand people. Despite the relatively small area, the district contains 9 underground stations, as well as many significant objects. But even in such a mess, you will always keep cheerfulness and good health by ordering water from Vodoliy.