Water delivery in the Dniprovskyi district

Despite the relatively small area, about 60 km², the population of the Dniprovskyi district is more than 355 thousand people. This means that at least 500,000 liters of water are drunk in this area every day. But Vodoliy is not afraid of challenges and difficulties. Our employees provide excellent quality products and services daily so that you can buy water in the Dniprovskyi district with delivery to your home or office. We offer:

  • high-quality artesian water with a balanced mineral composition, extracted in an ecologically clean area and gone through a multi-stage purification process;
  • the ability to place an order in any convenient way: directly through our website, by phone, or through your favourite messenger;
  • convenient payment method: in cash or by card;
  • water delivery at the strictly appointed times, convenient for you;
  • individual approach.

It doesn't matter where to deliver our water, be it in the Darnytskyi district - old and new, the DVRZ neighbourhood, Rusanivka, Bereznyaky, or Voskresenka. We bring water just in time to any corner of the Dniprovskyi district, to an apartment or private house, office, or government agency.

What is Special About the Dniprovskyi district?

Locals sometimes call the district the flower garden or the bride district. All is due to the fact that about 40 thousand more women live here than men. It is difficult to explain it. The most plausible version is that there are more employment opportunities for women here: a lot of shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, museums, and theaters.

The landscape is very diverse. If you look, say, at the Left Bank massif (Livoberezhka) from the right bank, the picture looks very harmonious: groups of high-rise buildings are interspersed with the lush greenery of trees. The Rajduzhnyiy residential area, located on the shores of the lake of the same name, also looks very picturesque.

This area is very beautiful at night, especially Leninhrad Square, which was renamed to Darnytsia Square. Brovarsky Avenue also looks impressive, which, despite its impressive length and heavy traffic, is surrounded by greenery. But the area isn't noisy everywhere. Perov Boulevard, for example, is very calm. There are many old five-story buildings and cozy courtyards there.