Water delivery in the Darnytskyi district

You can find very contradictory information about how much water you need to drink. Different sources report different information, beginning with eight glasses and ending with two liters. Some of them just give formulas for calculations. There is some truth in every article, but do not forget about individual factors such as age, health quality, level of physical activity, climate, and, of course, the ecological situation in the region. The last can vary greatly even within the same city. For example, if you live near the Boryspil highway, it is more difficult for you to breathe than near a reservoir on Osokorky, and your body will probably need more liquid.

Nevertheless, we are always ready to provide you with high-quality drinking water, delivering it directly to your home or work. To order water in Darnytskyi district, contact us in any convenient way: through the website, by phone, or by any messenger. Our managers respond quickly, processing your orders immediately so that you will always receive water at the appointed time.

What is special about this district?

Of all the districts of Kyiv, the Darnytskyi one has the greatest industrial and economic potential. There are more than 30 different large enterprises. Accordingly, the district continues to be actively populated. Visitors rent and buy housing here. By the way, in terms of the number of newborns, the district has been leading for the past few years. Therefore, we deliver water to Poznyaky and other parts of the Darnytskyi district every day.

But the green zone in this area is the smallest, comprising only 3.4 km². And most of it is in the Kharkiv residential area, next to which there is a huge park and forest. The area's architecture is represented mainly by high-rise buildings. Some of them have as many as 28 floors.

Revutskiy Street impresses with its monumental architecture (what to say only about the dominant at the intersection with Bazhan Avenue). Akhmatova Street has its features as well. Here the houses located in the direction of the embankment resembling gigantic futuristic beehives. For those who love comfort and silence, the relatively calm Zdolbunivska Street is more suitable for living.

Even in the densely populated Darnytskyi district, we guarantee:

  • excellent water quality;
  • timely delivery;
  • customer-oriented service;
  • individual approach.

Vodoliy is your reliable companion in the fight against thirst!