Water delivery in Holosiivskyi district 

Holosiivskyi district is the largest district in Kyiv. Its area comprises more than 155 km². There are 57 industrial enterprises, 46 schools, 55 kindergartens, as well as 64 scientific and educational academic institutions; 9 clinics, 5 cinemas… To put it simply, there is enough work for Vodoliy here. We are always in touch so that you can order water in Holosiivskyi district and receive it at a convenient time.

Holosiivskyi district: Sightseeing Area

Here you can see the legendary wooded hill Lysa Hora, the lovely Feofaniia Park, and the huge Expocenter of Ukraine. It is impossible to get bored. There are many universities and campuses, and therefore the streets are always full of young people and students. Therefore, most of the cultural leisure is created taking into account youth needs.

There are 7 institutes, an observatory, a confectionery factory, and NBU Central Clearing House on Nauka Avenue alone. In the same area, there is also the Holy Intercession Monastery, a museum, and many other sights of interest. Without any doubt, this is one of the most picturesque districts of the capital. There are about ten beautiful parks that do not lose their charm all year round, regardless of whether it's full of lush greenery or fluffy snow lying on the branches of trees.

The most beautiful historical area of Teremky deserves special attention. Temples, cathedrals, a hippodrome, and many other significant places are located there. This is also one of the oldest areas in Kyiv. The first mention was back in 1150. Today, Teremky is actively developing. Take, for example, 2006 when a new residential complex was formed between Lomonosov and Williams streets. There are many modern buildings here, both residential and commercial. What about us, we deliver water to Teremky every day at any time.

The streets of Holosiivskyi district are very picturesque at any time of the day:

  • Vasylkivska Str. - there are seven institutes here as well as on Nauka Avenue;
  • Saperno-Slobidska Str. - there are huge high-rise buildings and housing complexes that glow with thousands of lights in the evening there, creating fabulous landscapes;
  • Holosiivskyi avenue - the largest library in Ukraine is located here, which impresses not only with its book stock and large area but also with its monumental architectural design.

We love our city and take care that in any district you can order water at a good price and receive your order on time.