Water delivery in the Desnianskyi district

The Desnianskyi district is the most densely populated residential area of the capital. But there are only two underground stations here. Accordingly, most of the traffic load is on ground transport. Consequently, residents constantly face traffic jams. All this makes moving on wheels both within the area and beyond rather problematic. So, it is vital for local people to be able to order everything they need at home. What about drinking water, we take care of it.

Thanks to the Vodoliy company, you can order water in the Desnianskyi district and be sure of its timely delivery, regardless of traffic. We guarantee:

  • the highest water quality;
  • payment and order options to choose from;
  • convenient delivery time;
  • favourable prices;
  • individual approach.

What is special about the Desnianskyi district?

The area consists of two micro districts: Lisovyi masyv and Troieshchyna. Despite the abundance of transport, and, as a result, strong gas pollution, there are many green areas here. That is surprising, given that the soil in this area is clayey, with a high content of sand. Besides the usual green spaces, here you can see an alley of sakura, which pleases the eye with stunning flowers every spring.

There are other picturesque places. For example, cosy squares on the streets of Dreiser and Mayakovskyiy. Walking around the area, you can also find unusual sights. What is only a Trojan horse on Zakrevskoho Street, a mysterious wooden hut on the roof of a high-rise building, or a fabulous kindergarten, the walls of which are splendid artworks.

Balzac Street could easily be called Children's Street. There are six kindergartens, a school, a kids` library, and a youth sports school. At the same time, Bratyslavska Street catches attention due to its four institutions related to medicine. A hospital, scientific and practical centre, city heart centre, and a medical college are all located on the street.

The district is also at the top of the areas with unfinished buildings. By the way, the construction of an artesian water supply station used to be planned here. But it was stopped in the 90s, and never completed. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of the district do not suffer from a lack of water and will not suffer as long as there is Vodoliy. Water delivery to Lisovyi masyv and Troieshchyna at any convenient time!