Water delivery in the Podilskyi district

Podil is one of the most picturesque districts, full of life and buzz. Life here is interesting, exciting, eventful, and incredibly hectic. Sometimes people even have to dine on the go, not to mention drinking a sip of water. Meanwhile, it has been undeniably proven that clean water is vital for the human body, and no other liquid can completely replace it. No matter how busy you are, it’s not difficult to carry a small bottle of water with you. Plus, you don’t need to look for it. If you order Vodoliy`s products at home, just get a convenient reusable flask and thirst won't bother you. We offer:

  • the purest artesian water with a balanced composition;
  • favourable prices;
  • impeccable service;
  • individual approach.

What is special about the Podilskyi district?

Here in the picturesque park on Pravdy Avenue, elderly couples like to promenade. Older ladies take their leisurely partners` hands and smile. Young mothers are pushing multi-coloured strollers, being overtaken by energetic joggers in bright leggings as well as dog walkers accompanied by a wide variety of breeds. Here, around the lake at Vynohradar, small companies relax with guitars, have simple lunches, and play with a ball. It is a very beautiful, peaceful area.

The same can be said about the Vitriani Hory residential area, framed by lush greenery. There are low red-brick houses and pretty courtyards comfortably located there. The unique urban sculptures by Liubov Muravyova, bright and unusual, are the main local attractions here.

Kurenivka is another quiet and pleasant place. The central streets of Podilskyi district are at hand from here. And there the main infrastructure is located, but housing is much cheaper. The same applies to the truly charming Berkovets micro-district, which, like Kurenivka, was once a small village.

On Contract Square, on the contrary, life is flourishing. Tourists make photos, capturing the luxurious architecture of Hostynnyi Dvir; crowds of students of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy rush to classes.

Water delivery to the Podilskyi district

If you are looking for a reliable water supplier who will provide both quality products and good service, Vodoliy is at your service. We deliver water throughout Kyiv, including the Podilskyi district. Whether you live on the noisy Vyhovskiy Str, the quiet Novokostiantynivska Str, or any other one, we will bring the order to your home or work at any time convenient for you.