Water delivery in the Obolonskyi district

People living on the outskirts of Kyiv often suffer from poor service. Even emergency services, repairmen, and doctors do not always arrive in time, not to mention postal couriers or food deliveries. But for the Vodoliy there are no priorities on a territorial basis. We equally value all customers and bring water on time even to the most remote places of the capital. Therefore, if you are interested in the delivery of water to Obolon, call us. We are always in touch.

Where to order water in the Obolonskyi district?

The population of Obolon is very divergent. For example, media personalities settle on Obolonski Lypki, while the old houses are inhabited by students, young couples, and office workers. But it makes no difference for Vodoliy. We deliver clean, tasty, and healthy water at a bargain price to any address at a convenient time for you.

Obolon: infrastructure and attractions

In the Obolonskyi district, on Bohatyrska Street, there is the Obolon brewery, which is why the appetizing aroma of malt, similar to a mixture of fresh rye bread and meadow herbs, spreads for many kilometers around. A huge Dream Town shopping and entertainment center has been built on Obolonskiy Prospekt, which houses not only popular brand boutiques but also the only water park in Kyiv. That is why families with small children often come here. However, there are other interesting areas:

  • Priorka - formally the area belongs to the Podilskyi district, but borders on Obolon. There is still the house preserved in which Taras Shevchenko lived a long time ago, as well as the oak, under which the poet liked to rest. The tree is about 300 years old, and the girth of the trunk is as much as 4.5 m!
  • Petrivka is a large industrial zone and one of the oldest railway junctions in Kyiv. The once eponymous metro station was renamed Pochaina in 2016 during decommunization.
  • Minsk residential area is one of the most comfortable sleeping areas in the city. There is no trouble with getting to the center, all the necessary infrastructure is at hand, and also there is a large park, forest, and clear lakes.
  • Ivasiuk Avenue - took its name in 2022, being renamed after famous Ukrainian composer Volodymyr Ivasiuk. Although the avenue is only 5 km long, there are four metro stations in it.

There are other reasons to visit Obolon. For example, a unique open-air sports grounds, where you can work out on training devices completely free of charge. There is also a picturesque Naberezhna promenade, outdoor summer cinema, so-called Stones Garden, etc.