Water delivery: payment methods

No matter how many benefits we were given thanks to technological progress, it also causes new troubles. For example, when paying for purchases or services. Each of us has experienced situations where we had to waste our time only to spend our own money. For example, when you want to order food at home late in the evening, and you don’t have cash with you, and there is no terminal in the delivery service; or when you want to pay in cash, and the store only accepts electronic payments. Even such trifles can spoil your mood and take a lot of time we are always running out of.

Vodoliy provides the most comfortable service and saves you time. When ordering water, you can pay for it in any convenient way:

  • in cash to the courier directly upon receipt of the order;
  • by card upon receipt;
  • on the site using an electronic payment system;
  • use the non-cash payment service for legal entities.

We value every client and appreciate your time. Every day we improve our service so that you can order water within minutes without any troubles. 

Water delivery guarantees

Vodoliy guarantees impeccable water quality. It is extracted from a 128 m deep well located in the resort village of Vorzel. This area is far from any sources of pollution, and the water here is perfectly clean, the way nature created it. The water you receive in carboys complies with GOST standards, EU regulations, and WHO recommendations.

We guarantee that your order will be accepted and executed equally quickly, no matter what communication method you choose - phone, messenger, or our website. 100% of orders are delivered strictly at the agreed time on working days. If you need to return empty carboys, the deposit will be refunded in cash immediately after the carboys have been handed over to the forwarding agent of the company.

Drinking plenty of pure water is one of the main rules of a healthy lifestyle. And we, like no one else, know how difficult it is sometimes to fulfil this simple requirement, given the daily hustle and bustle. Therefore, we make every effort to provide the most convenient service for each client. We guarantee an individual approach and comfortable service such as delivering at the appointed time, various payment methods available, pre-order possibilities, reminder calls, etc. 

You will never feel thirsty with Vodoliy. Clients can order our water and receive the order as quickly as possible in any district of Kyiv. Every customer, be it wholesale, retail regular, or new ones are equally important to us. We always meet you, advise you, and offer convenient options. Our services are as pure, transparent, and of high quality as our water!