Where to order water in Solomianskyi district?

In recent years, the Solomianskyi district has been considered one of the most densely populated ones besides the Desnianskyi district. As well as the Holosiivskyi district, it is considered one of the greenest. Besides, the district of Solomianka is the largest transport hub in the city. By the way, it's regarded as one of the most comfortable districts for life. The Solomianskyi district is beautiful and cozy. There are many picturesque parks and new buildings, as well as plenty of schools and kindergartens. More than 300 thousand people live here, and we are ready to regularly supply everyone with clean drinking water. Vodoliy works in the Solomianskyi district every day just to save its inhabitants from thirst.

Water delivery throughout the Solomianskyi district

The total area of the district of Solomianka is more than 40 square kilometers, including

  • Karavayevi Dachi (Kardachi) - a historical area that got its name thanks to Volodymyr Afanasiyovych Karavaev, a zoologist, and author of more than 10 scientific papers;
  • Sovky - a village that become a part of the city only in 1923, and at different times belonged to Prince Volodymyr Olherdovych, the Dominican Monastery, the nobleman Pokalovych, the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and the St. Sophia Monastery;
  • Vidradnyi residential area, was once a farm, and today it is a large industrial zone;
  • Huzar Avenue (former Komarov Avenue), which is part of the Vidradnyi residential area, is named after the former Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. There are a lot of important objects on the Avenue, including the National Aviation University;
  • Povitroflotskyi Avenue hosts the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;
  • Lobanovskyi Avenue - was renamed during decommunization. The new name honours the legendary football coach Valeriy Vasylyovych Lobanovskyi;
  • Vadym Hetman Street: there is the Institute of Clinical Medicine.

The Lybid, a right tributary of the Dnipro, flows through the Solomianskyi district. Interestingly, it is named after the sister of three brothers-founders of Kyiv. There are parks and squares on its banks. You can walk near the water, but if you want to drink, just call us.

Infrastructure of the Solomianskyi district

On the territory of the district of Solomianka, there are 28 children's educational institutions, 89 gyms, 9 swimming pools, 5 stadiums, 13 shooting ranges, and as many as 136 sports grounds. Furthermore, on the territory of the Zhuliany area, Kyiv international airport is located. Contact us to order water to Zhuliany or any other corner of the Solomianskyi district.