Water pump

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Water pumps

So, now that you have ordered the first bottle of water, what's next? How to use this heavy bulky vessel? The answer is simple - buy a water pump!

What is a bottle pump?

The simplest, most practical, and inexpensive option is a mechanical water pump. This is a small plastic device that is put on the neck of the bottle and pumps out water. The pump consists of a long tube that reaches almost to the very bottom, a large convenient button with a spring element, and a faucet. The mechanism works similarly to a dispenser. Press the button by adjusting the force. You can get either a couple of drops or a whole glass of water within a few seconds.

Even though the pump is the most elementary device for pouring water, it has many advantages:

  • low price;
  • lightness and strength - the pumps are made of environmentally friendly and durable polymer materials;
  • easy to use - you`ll have no trouble getting the water; plus, you can rinse or clean the pump yourself because disassembling and assembling the mechanism requires no effort;
  • requires little space - if you have a small kitchen that does not fit a cooler, the pump will be an excellent alternative. A carboy with a pump put on can be placed under the table.

How to use the pump?

It is easy to make the pump ready for use. The manuals are attached to each model. Moreover, if you order the device from your water supplier, a company employee can help you with the pump installation.

Once every 1-2 quarters, the device must be washed since bacteria grow well in a humid environment. The change in water's taste or smell is a sign of its presence. But it is better not to wait too long and carry out preventive cleaning of the pump. For this, you need to disassemble the device, keep it for 30-60 minutes in warm citric acid water (to remove mineral deposits), then rinse, wash thoroughly with detergent (use eco-friendly household chemicals for dishes), rinse the pump again and dry it.

A bottle pump is very simple to use and you will not have any difficulties buying it. If you do not know where to order and from what manufacturers, or are just in doubt, the Vodoliy company offers you a free consultation.