Water dispenser

If you have ever ordered bottled water at home, then you are probably familiar with the most popular devices for bottling it such as a plastic pump and a special cooler

400 UAH

Water dispenser

The first device is light, compact, and cheap, and therefore is in the greatest demand. The second one has more extensive functionality. Thanks to it, you can find it in public institutions such as coffee houses and restaurants, medical and sports centres, salons, and educational and children's institutions. But there is a third option that combines the advantages of the previous two - a water dispenser.

The price of the dispenser is significantly lower than that of the cooler, whereas the dimensions are smaller. It is a small device made of plastic or ceramic to place an inverted carboy on its top. Water is supplied through a convenient faucet. A dispenser is a popular option for schools, kindergartens, and homes thanks to its small size and ease of use. Undoubtedly, it is much easier for small children to cope with a tap than with a pump button.

The benefits of water dispenser:

small size: fits in any kitchen;


more affordable price compared to a large cooler;

ease of use: even a small child can easily get water from the dispenser;

durability: it is made of either ceramic or high-strength plastic.

Water dispenser in Kyiv: where to buy?

The Vodoliy company cares not only about clean water at hand, but also that you can use it with maximum convenience. Our staff will be happy to help you choose the most suitable equipment for spilling bottled water. We will tell you all the relevant information about dispenser models and how to use the device correctly.

For the dispenser to serve long, do not forget to periodically rinse it with water saturated with citric acid. It helps to remove mineral deposits favourable for bacteria growth. Do it once every 1-2 quarters so that the mechanism does not wear out, and the water quality remains excellent.

There are also special stands for dispensers that look stylish and convenient to use. Write to us, if you want to learn more about bottled water equipment. Our managers are always in touch, and willing to answer your questions.