What is healthy eating? Three simple principles

What is healthy eating? Three simple principles

This is true, but only if the diet is really healthy, and the concept of healthy is individual for each person. Let’s analyze how you can eat healthy, taking into account your own preferences, habits and health condition.

Listen to your body

Despite the fact that there are universal medical guidelines for nutrition, the optimal diet for each person differs: amount of calories, the size of portions, and the ratio of nutrients. We all are different: someone can live for years without meat, and someone starts to get sick after few weeks of vegetarianism... Someone eats citrus fruit, full of vitamin C, with pleasure and another one suffers from allergies.

Therefore, the first rule for any person who has decided to go on a healthy diet is to learn to listen and understand his body. To begin with, you need to distinguish hunger and thirst: it often seems that we want to eat, but one should try drinking a glass of pure water, and the stomach won’t remind about itself for a couple of hours.

You also need to learn how to distinguish what food exactly you want right now. Of course, it's only about natural products. If you are dying to eat a waffle cake, this does not mean that the cake is necessary for the body. If you want something fatty and gentle, try to please yourself a good cream cheese or ripe avocado instead of a cake. It you want something salty and crispy, try eating bread with sea fish instead of chips. Go on this way - the body will soon get used to this level of mutual understanding. 

Adjust your diet

Modern nutritionists are divided into two camps. Some say that you need to eat at scheduled time, and even to turn on a reminder for each meal and snack. Others believe that they should completely trust their senses, and eat only when there is a distinct feeling of hunger, regardless of time. True, as usual, is somewhere in between: if you eat moderate portions, choosing healthy products, over the time the body will develop its own mode, which will be clearer than any schedule.

Minimize the consumption of harmful food

Pastry, burgers, chocolate bars, dried fish, etc. - all of this is a treat rather "for the soul", and not for the body. We "pamper" ourselves, associate such food with pleasant events and memories. To some extent, it is self-deception – both your body and your birthday will do without a cake. It does not mean that you have to give up all the treats- just learn to limit the portions. Overeating won’t add up either to your health or to the festive mood.As you can see, healthy eating is not the same as a strict diet, it is not a mockery of yourself and not a list of strict rules. It's just the most comfortable and healthy diet, which can be different depending on each person.