A water pump – can we do without it?

A water pump – can we do without it?

So, here comes another popular device – a water pump. You can buy it from your water supplier and do not waste your time on searching for it; it is easy and quick to install, inexpensive and durable.

In this article, we will describe what the pumps are, how to use them and whether you can or not do without them, if you buy bottled water.

Mechanical pump – a customers’ favorite

The most popular is mechanical, or hand pump. This is a plastic pump consisting of a long tube, a tap, a case and a large button with a spring inside. When you press the button, you create a vacuum inside the pump, and due to this movement, it pumps out water from the bottle, pouring it through the tap into the vessel below it.

Despite the fact that the entire construction is made of plastic, it's not easy to break, so these pumps can serve for many years. The main thing is to wash them with lemon juice or special cleansers from time to time. This will help kill the bacteria that enter the pump from the air and actively reproduce under high humidity.

Pressing the button requires moderate effort, and it can be difficult maybe in case a little child presses it. You will also need to get used to the fact that water can be poured after you release the button – especially when the bottle is full. If you put too much effort, you can accidentally spill water you do not need. However, after a couple of uses people get used to the pump.

Electric pump - who is it perfect for?

Those who have small children for which it is difficult to pump water with a hand pump can use an electric water pump. It is as compact as a hand one, it is also installed on the neck of the bottle and has the same tap; but to get water, you need to press and hold the little button and then release it when the water level is sufficient. Unlike mechanical one, such a pump is not "late" and supplies water much faster. This is especially convenient, if you need to take on not a glass, but, for example, a kettle or a pan.

An electric pump works from batteries – if they are of high-quality, you will need to change them no more than once per 6-8 months. It is more expensive than a mechanical one, but when it comes to children's comfort, price is justified. The only serious drawback is that such a pump works pretty loudly. If you wake up at night to drink water, you can wake the whole family. At daytime there is also such a risk, if you have little kids who need a lot of sleep.

Is it possible to do without a pump?

It is impossible to pour water from almost a 20 liters bottle as easily as from a five-liter one. It is not convenient enough even when it is almost empty – if you have ever tried to get the remains of water, which do not reach the tube of the pump, you’ll understand what we are talking about. If you physically strong, it's easy to pour water directly from the bottle, even when it is full, but why voluntarily deprive yourself of comfort? The manual pump is inexpensive, but it can serve you up to 10 years, so you won’t regret buying it.

If you don’t like this device or it doesn’t suit you for some reason, pay attention to desktop coolers or water dispensers – they are more expensive and, in some cases, can be more convenient.