Maintenance Of Bottled Water Equipment: Let’s Take Care Of Cleanliness And Durability

Maintenance Of Bottled Water Equipment: Let’s Take Care Of Cleanliness And Durability

It doesn’t matter how expensive your devices are, how careful you use them and what kind of water you buy, from time to time you need to arrange preventive washing.

Why is it important to wash water equipment?

Customers are often surprised and they say: “Why should we wash it from the inside if there is no dust there, and water is so clean?” However, don’t forget that water contains minerals, which settle on the walls, gradually forming a plaque. This process is very slow and goes unnoticed – people can notice its consequences only when the color, smell or taste of water changes.On their own, mineral sediments are not harmful, but they can multiply the bacteria which enter the air and affect the quality of water, and may even be harmful. To avoid this, water equipment needs regular washing.   

Water pump equipment

Among all the devices for bottling water, pumps are the most vulnerable to contamination, because the air easily enters the device, "bringing" microbes. It is recommended to clean it in several steps:

  • disassemble, soak for 30-60 minutes in warm water with citric acid to remove calcium plaque;
  • rinse with clean, warm water;
  • wash off with unphosphate and insoluble antibacterial detergent (if you don’t have it, it is better to use a ordinary soda solution);
  • rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water;
  • dry and only then put assemble back- if you do it< when the is pump wet, in the joints between the parts can multiply microbes.   

How to maintain a dispenser?

It is much more difficult for bacteria to get inside the dispenser, so usually it’s enough to wash it with citric acid. As each model has its own characteristics, it’s better to ask shop assistant how to disassemble the dispenser and rinse it properly. You can also consult the specialists of the company which you order water from..   

How to wash a cooler for water?

A large full water cooler – a device that is quite complicated for a person who is not accustomed to dealing with such equipment, so the safest and easiest option is to let cleaning specialists do the preventive washing. This way, you are insuring yourself and your device from the potential risks. You can ask your water supplier for recommendation for the best cleaners of your cooler.