Drinks With Coffee Beans

Drinks With Coffee Beans

To help you navigate in the sea named Coffee, we prepared a short guide.

The Very Essence

The simplest, clearest and most popular drink is espresso. It is brewed by means of a saturated hot water vapor, which is passed through finely milled coffee beans. As a result, we get about 30 ml of a thick, strong drink with an expressed coffee acidity. For those who prefer a less strong coffee, espresso is diluted with hot water – and here goes Americano.A slightly different technology is used to brew lungo - in fact, it's an espresso, but it was initially made in a coffee machine with more water. The drink is stronger than Americano, and has a more expressive bitter note. However, ristretto, on the contrary, is brewed adding less water than to espresso, and is even stronger with its minimal volume. It is often called a coffee shot (from the English word “to shoot”). Double espresso, where the amount of coffee and the volume of water is doubled, is called doppio, and when it is diluted with water the same as Americano, we will get Long Black.

Tasty classic

Espresso with foamed milk is called maciato. The more complex variant is cappuccino: pure espresso, espresso with milk and foamed milk are mixed in "layers". One of the most delicate coffee drinks is latte (stress is on the first syllable). It is made with espresso and a lot of milk, adding cream, cacao, syrups. By the way, mochachino is just a latte with chocolate. Double espresso (doppio) with milk is called Flat White, and espresso with cream is Raf.    

Cold coffee

Not everyone likes to drink hot coffee in a hot weather, so there are cold coffee drinks, for example:

  • Frappuccino, which is a milk cocktail with the addition of espresso;
  • Frappe - a drink made of strong coffee, sugar and ice water;
  • Glace - strong coffee with the addition of ice cream;
  • Affogato - a dessert based on vanilla ice cream with the addition of coffee;
  • Bumble is a cold made of strong coffee, orange juice and caramel syrup.    

Coffee with alcohol   

Notes of alcohol add a special spice to coffee drinks. This way, espresso and liquor make Coreto, coffee and whiskey – Irish coffee.. Rum, cognac, brandy are also added to coffeeWe hope that we managed to help you systematize the knowledge of coffee, and now you can better navigate in its assortment!