Top 5 diets for weight loss

To get rid of extra pounds, people are ready to try a variety of diets. However, are popular eating systems from the magazines so effective? Let’s have a look at top 5 famous diets to answer this question.

      1. Protein diet      

      The name speaks for itself: the diet consists mostly of protein foods, with a minimum of fats and carbohydrates. It’s easy to lose weight on it quickly, but keeping such a diet for a long time does not work – the body needsbalanced nutrition, and very soon it begins to demand various products, which will lead to a "breakup".

      The focus on proteins became the basis of some other well-known diets - the Kremlin, ketogenic, and so on. Although they are also quite effective, there is a downside: protein metabolites in large amounts literally "clog" the kidneys, which can cause development of inflammation.      

      2. Duke's Diet      

      The nutrition system, developed by the French dietitian Pierre Dyukan, consists of four phases – attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilisation. In the heart of the diet are protein foods and vegetables. The content of carbohydrates and fats is minimal, but bran is in large amounts. Thanks to a combination of proteins and fiber, on a Duke's diet you are not hungry - the stomach almost never remains empty, and weight is reduced relatively easily. However, in the long run, there may be problems as the bran irritates the walls of the stomach and intestines, and the protein can damage the kidneys.      

      3. Table number 5      

      Initially, diet # 5 was developed for people with digestive system diseases. It excludes the use of sweet, sour, salty, roasted, smoked food. All food is steamed, baked, cooked or stewed without oil. Fruit, berries and vegetables can be only non-acidic and not sweet.

      Such a diet allows you to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract quickly and improve your well-being, and helps get rid of extra kilos. Still, they come back, when you get back to the food you used to eat.      

      4. Japanese diet      

      There is nothing special in the nutrition that involves a Japanese diet – another fact causes suspicion: it is intended for 14 days. Anyone who has tried to lose weight at least once knows that even if in such a short period of time it is possible to achieve noticeable results, all lost kilos will return as soon as a person gets back to the usual diet.      

      5. Buckwheat diet      

      A balanced diet is needed for normal functioning of the organism, and any mono-diet - buckwheat, apple or egg – can bring harm to it. In addition, there is no product that has magic fat burning properties – everything dependson the total amount of food.


      As you can see, no diet is perfect – anyway, each one has its disadvantages. The only correct strategy for losing weight and saving the result is to eat healthy food in moderate amounts and drink more clean water. With the last you will never have problems if you are a customer of the company Vodoliy.