Are You Sad And It`s Difficult For You To Wake Up In The Morning? Let`s Fight With Autumn Depression!

Autumn is not only the season for gold colours and a bumper crop, but also for permanent annoying gloom. Even the most notorious optimist can have the blues on a cloudy autumn day, and people with a delicate psyche suffer from the real depression. It is not necessary to yearn waiting for the New Year’s celebration, which at least will bring something positive, as you can overcome the seasonal depression and spend autumn in a good mood.

Why does autumn depression occur?

        Everyone who commutes to work by public transport knows how unpleasant it is in a rainy weather: you try not to hook passers-by with an umbrella, to jump over puddles (not always successfully), to squeeze into a bus or a subway car, again with the same wet umbrella. That can also be reason for many people to say “no” to some leisure activities – bad weather overshadows going to the cinema or to a cafe with friends. Of course, bound seclusion does not give a lift to the spirits.

      The shortening of the day affects our emotional state more or less the same way. When it gets dark earlier, walking in the evenings is not so pleasant - more and more often you have to choose spending time at home. However, no matter how much we love our place and those who live in it, constant monotony is depressing.

      Biological factors also contribute to such a state. For example, with the onset of darkness, the body actively begins to develop a hormone of sleep - melatonin. Even if you are used to staying up late, after sunset you can still become listless and apathetic. With the advent of cold weather, the production of cortisol, a hormone of stress and anxiety, also rises.

No time for depression: filling free time

        Even if you do not like to leave home for every little thing in autumn, do something interesting and enjoyable. Learn to play a musical instrument (or improve the skill if you already can), read books and educational articles, watch good movies, listen to music and lectures, learn languages, download video dance lessons and dance, and do some handwork. Ask your friends over - there is nothing cozier than getting together with a cup of tea or mulled wine on a rainy evening.

Useful habits

        Do not underestimate the role of the mortal body in your mental state: the nervous system is the same constituent of the body as the less romanticized kidneys or intestines. They require physiological care: balanced nutrition, clean water, sufficient hours of sleep, regular and moderate physical activity.

Autumn first aid box

        Proven medical supplies for the healthy nervous system are magnesium and vitamins of B group. Usually only 1 month of intake is enough to feel better. If emotional depression does not recede, despite all the measures taken, you should consult a psychotherapist.