Water grammar for children and adults

A bit of humor from our workdays.

Professional deformation is a terrible thing. An editor unconsciously looks for the mistakes in the signboards of stores, a military man can not drink coffee calmly without making bed perfectly, a psychotherapist puts diagnoses on all friends during heart-to-heart conversations ... There is an endless list of examples. And our team doesn't stay apart.

Unlike strict editors, we are loyal to grammar mistakes like no-one is. Moreover, in particularly difficult cases we understand "what the author wanted to say", without any translators and dictionaries....

Error correction

A small lesson will be useful to everyone. Sometimes people misuse the words just because they do not know about their origin. The terms of the "water" industry also have their etymology.

For example, the word "cooler" originates from the English "cool". Therefore, it is obvious that the widespread variant of spelling with the double "l", that is, "cooller", is not correct. The word "dispenser" is borrowed from the English language, where it came from the Latin "dispenso".

The word consists of two parts: the prefix "dis", which means removal, deletion or confrontation, and the root "penso", which is translated as "weight" or "counterweight." The prefix "dis-" is found in many words in the Ukrainian language, borrowed from English or Latin - for example, "discrediting", "dismilligration", "dystrophy"(?), etc. Therefore, it is clear that the frequenty used variant of the "dizpenser" is incorrect.

Incorrect use of the word bottle - "butyl", with the letter "y". This mistake is frequent because in Russian the same word is spelled with the same "y". However, it came to us from the German "buttel", so it spelled with the "e".

Interesting English

People visit our site after various requests, and our experts analyze them in order to simplify the search for customers. People often unattentively type the text in the English layout, and we are so accustomed to such a mistake that we can easily understand where a certain request is. We can even compel a whole dictionary, for example:

• Cooler - rekth (rekkth as an option);

• Dispenser - lbcgtycth;

• Bottle-, enskm (he, enskm);

• Balloon -, fkjy;

• Water delivery - ljcnfdrf djlb;

• Water order - pfvjdktyyz djlb;

• Water delivery Kiev - ljcnfdrf djlb rb] d;

•Vodoliy - djljksq;

• Pump - gjvgf, etc. etc.

It's good that search engines are smart, and they also understand this exotic language.