Water delivery in Kiev. How to choose a water supplier?

If you live in a big city, you will not be left without water - in the capital and regional centers there are usually half a dozen of water delivery services, and often even more. For example, more than thirty different companies offer water delivery services in Kiev. So, which one should you choose?
Each company is trying to create the most favorable conditions for the clients, and it is very difficult to find the one where both service and quality of products and pricing policy are equally satisfying. On choosing a water supplier, we advise you to follow the following criteria.

Water origin

The most common types of drinking water offered by the relevant services are:
• purified water;
• purified water with additional mineralization;
artesian water.
The plain purified water is the cheapest. It is good for cooking and brewing tea or coffee, because it does not contain minerals that could form a scale. However, the lack of minerals makes it less useful than other types. Mineral deficiency in the body upsets the balance of electrolytes that may affect the basic systems of organs. If the lack of microelements is compensated by dietary supplements, or with a special diet, it will not lead to any harm. Nevertheless, it is much easier and more natural to get minerals from water.
Purified water with additional mineralization is a relatively inexpensive and good option if you find a company with true professionals and the appropriate equipment. Artificial mineralization is a delicate thing, and the slightest mistake can lead to turning water from useful into harmful, or, at least, it can simply become tasteless.
Artesian water is considered the best option as nature itself enriches it with a range of useful substances. Of course, well water undergoes a special purification, so that it does not have any impurities, extraneous odors and flavors, and the amount of microelements is optimal and safe for everyone.
The company "Vodoliy" supplies water extracted from the resort area, far from industrial facilities, that guarantees its purity. It has a perfectly balanced microelement composition.

Water delivery requires an appropriate license, and certificates must confirm the quality of products. On choosing a supplier, do not be afraid and do not hesitate to ask for documents – as a client, you have every right to do it. Our company is always open to customers and is happy to provide them with all the necessary information.

Delivery time and other features of the service
Even if your schedule is accurate, like a Swiss watch, it is better to choose the company with the widest service time range. For example, the company "Vodoliy" delivers water in Kiev from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, so you can set a convenient time for yourself instead of waiting for delivery.

Availability of additional equipment
To use water from bottles, you will need the appropriate equipment: a pump, a dispenser or a complete cooler. It is perfect when you can purchase all of these devices from a company that provides you with water: you do not have to choose from hundreds of models, as professionals have already done it for you.
Our company offers the necessary equipment, and our employees will help you with its installation and consult on the maintenance issues.

Related products
It is very convenient, when there are additional products in the catalogue of the water-supply company. Usually it is something that you constantly forget to buy for the office: tea, coffee, sugar in sticks, disposable cups, drinking tubes, tissues, etc. Sometimes there are paper towels and toilet paper among the goods – it is something that always does not fit in bags, when we go shopping in a supermarket. The company "Vodoliy" offers the wide range of all mentioned goods, which can be delievered together with water at the time of your convenience.

Water delivery in Kiev: the price
The price of water is an important factor. We do not recommend choosing the cheapest offer straightaway, without taking into account the characteristics of the product and the features of the company. To begin with, you should study the range, read reviews, talk with managers, and then, after finding the best offers, look for the most advantageous among them.
We stick to the loyal pricing policies and care about affordability of the products of the company “Vodoliy”. In addition, we have a special offer for new clients: on the first order, you receive one bottle of water for free.