All you need to know about water coolers

   In this article, you will find out how the bottled water cooler works, why people need it, what types of water coolers there are and where you can buy them in Kiev.

   A cooler is a device for bottled or tap water treatment and supply. It is mainly used in offices, shopping and educational institutions, but sometimes in private homes as well. It is quick and convenient to draw water with a cooler; when it comes to public places, it is also one of the most hygienic options.

Types of coolers

   There are desktop or floor coolers. The first are usually used in apartment buildings and apartments, since families do not usually need large amounts of water at a time. Such a device takes little space, as an average food processor. In institutions, floor coolers are usually used.
   The floor cooler can provide for both top and bottom water loading. Usually, when this device is mentioned, the first option comes to mind: the unit with an inverted bottle installed on top. The second option is considered more up-to-date: in the case of bottom loading the bottle is installed in a special locker at the bottom of the cooler. The overall height of this construction is, on average, 40 cm lower than the top-loading cooler, and due to its compactness, the device can be installed in niches or under the shelves, which is an ideal solution for small offices.
   A separate category of designer water coolers with prints or a unique design deserves special attention. They are usually used in cafes and restaurants, where a special role is given to the aesthetics of the interior. In private dwellings or office buildings, designer models are not often to see.

Functions of water coolers

   Although some coolers are intended for supplying tap water, they do not clean it. Since tap water of drinking quality has repeatedly compromised itself, it is better to order water delivery, not worrying about its purity or cleaning methods.
    Almost all coolers have the function of heating water, and the maximum temperature reaches 95 degrees. It is convenient both for offices where you can treat the entire team with tea, not limited to the volume of the kettle, and for residential buildings as well. For instance, for children it is much more convenient and easier to get hot water directly into the cup, and not to heat separately (for little ones it is also a question of safety).
   Some coolers are equipped with a function of water gasification, i. e. they can turn still water into sparkling one. Such devices are called carbo coolers - with a cylinder with carbon dioxide and a saturator inside. Since the carbo coolers are much more expensive than the usual, and soda quenches thirst worse than ordinary water (and bothers quickly), such models are not very popular. The same is for coolers with cooling function: they are expensive, and cold water is not used in large amounts even in summer. Since all houses and offices still use refrigerators, people buy or rent such models less often.

Where can you buy a water cooler in Kiev?

   You can both buy and rent a cooler – the second option is convenient for those who are often on the move. The choice of models is very extensive – it is difficult not to get lost in this variety. The best thing to do is order a cooler from a company that supplies you with water. Firstly, no one understands this technique better than people who work in the field of water, and secondly, you will get proper equipment care.
   The company Vodoliy has been on the market for more than 15 years, and we have appropriate experience in supply of the equipment for water delivery. We use coolers of proven producers and vouch for the quality.