Pure water from a pure heart!

The company “Vodoliy” has been working in Ukraine for over 18 years now. Every year since 2017 thousands of Kyiv citizens entrust us with their health. We are pleased to live up to the trust of our customers and become better from year to year.

Vodoliy water delivery

Why choose us?

   Before we started to work, we had explored the market, communicated with the target audience and conducted various surveys. Although technically tap water in Kyiv must comply with the standards, water pipes condition tells otherwise. Several times a year cases of piped water poisoning are reported in the news. Even if you haven’t faced such troubles, try looking into your kettle, having boiled tap water in it for a week: gray coating and dirty residue don’t indicate health benefits. In the end, it doesn’t taste good.
   No domestic filters can properly purify tap water. Water from pump rooms can also contain harmful contaminants and bacteria.
    Despite the large number of water delivery services, many Kyiv residents were dissatisfied with the situation. It turned out that there was no perfect water supplier – either the quality of water was poor, or delivery was rather slow. Thus, at the very beginning, we set high standards for ourselves in all aspects of work, and we still maintain them regardless of the circumstances.

Our team

   “Vodoliy” is the company of young qualified professionals who like their job and always improve their professional skills. We often hold corporate events; celebrate birthdays and other holidays together maintaining friendly relations within our team. When a person is happy to go to work, knowing that there he will see his smiling colleagues, he will put his heart into what he does and will enjoy it.
   We regularly participate in exhibitions and we give out tastings of our product where you can try it and appreciate its quality. Besides, we like all kinds of public initiatives. For instance, during the Champions League Final we hosted 16 guests from England and Poland who came to cheer their favorite team on. Well, we are not boasting now – we just want to show that we are always ready for something new, open to interesting ideas, suggestions, and we like spreading the joy.
   One of our main principles is to be customer-oriented – therefore we try to be convenient to the clients. You can contact us by any means: by phones of all mobile operators - Lifecell, Vodafone, Kyivstar, through the company's website or by using Viber, What's Up, Telegram messengers. You can also pay in the most convenient way: cash on delivery, by card on delivery with a payment terminal, via Privat24 or cashless settlements (legal persons).

Our product

   We deliver pure artesian water from the best and most remote resorts without any sources of contamination. This water is of a perfectly balanced mineral composition, according to the World Health Organization guidelines. It is tasty and health-beneficial; you can enjoy it on a hot summer day or make your favorite tea on a winter’s evening, even cook an aromatic borshch on it – be sure you won’t be troubled by any foreign smells or residue.
   In addition to water, there are some related products – excellent tea, coffee, sugar, disposable cups, cocktail tubes, paper towels and the like – which you can order online on our website. It is not only timesaving, but economical as well: these goods are cheaper than in most stores.
   Our clients are houses, offices and public institutions, cafes and restaurants – each order is equally important for us!
   During the holiday seasons, we always prepare gifts for our customers – New Year cards, Easter cakes and so on. We like to make our customers happy with little surprises even without cause - just because it's a pleasure for us.