Water dispenser – what is it and what is it used for?

       If you use water delivery services, you are probably familiar with such devices as a pump and a cooler. The first is compact and cheap, so it perfectly fits the average kitchen, the last is bigger and more expensive, suitable for offices, educational institutions, etc. However, there is also a dispenser in this group and this notion is wider. In this article you will find out what a dispenser is, what types of such devices are most popular and which one to choose.

      What is a dispenser?      

      Dispenser is a device for bottling drinking water. In fact, the well-known cooler is one of the types of dispenser. Initially, dispensers could supply water, but they did not purify, heat it or gas it, and so on. Then next were devices that could cool water again – they had a nuckname “coolers” (from English “to cool”). Later, this concept was blurred, and now a device that heats the water, but does not cool it can be called a cooler, which is a funny paradox. In fact, all of these devices are dispensers (except for the pumps, which do not belong to this group). Let's take a closer look at their types.


      A simple dispenser      

      Since all the "fame" of complex multifunction devices is granted to coolers, dispensers are often called simple and compact water dispensers that do not process water, but just allow to get it conveniently and quickly. A small device with the size of an average flower pot, which has a tap with a valve – this is how a simple dispenser looks like. You can buy it from the water supplier company.

      In such a dispenser a water bottle is installed from above, with a neck down, as in the case of models of popular colours. There are also special coasters for dispensers – they are comfortable and good-looking. This is the best option for home – such a device takes less space than a standard cooler, and supply water faster than a manual pump and is quieter than the electric one.



      This type includes devices that do not only supply water, but also can have heating, cooling and gasification functions. The cooler can be floor and desktop, with the top and bottom downloads, and the choice depends on your personal preferences and the desired price.



      There are dispensers for tap water – they purify it, making it drinkable. Some models are also equipped with heating and cooling functions. However, to install a purifier, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary analysis of the tap water to select the optimal filtration system. Due to the fact that water quality may change unexpectedly, this method of cleaning is not always effective.


      Water dispensers      

      In areas where drinking water is supplied through pipes, dispensers which just give away water are used. They do not clean water, but can heat or cool it. Such devices can be also used in apartments where a reverse osmosis treatment system is installed.

      Such dispensers are not popular, since usually neither primary purification nor reverse osmosis systems give a result which meets expectations. Water still remains rigid and tasteless, even if it does not contain any impurities or microbes, so people often order water in bottles.


      Which model to choose?     

      The choice of dispenser depends not only on a price, but also on many factors: the area of the kitchen, technical requirements, personal comfort. Let's say, you have children. Then it's better to choose easy-to-use and durable models. If it is difficult for you to make a choice, you can ask for advice from the specialists of "Vodoliy" for free – we do not only deliver water, but also install the appropriate equipment. Our experts will tell you which dispenser is the best for you, based on the price and other wishes.