How to lose weight fast? 4 Common Mistakes in Losing Weight

      At school lessons of biology and physical training we were told everything but really important things. For example, most people have no idea how to normalise their weight properly if it has exceeded the desired limits. Trying to lose weight, people often dream of quick results, and are even ready to put their health at risk for that.

      Let's start with the fact that the concept of fast weight loss is relative. If you need to lose 20 kg, half a year is quite a short term for such global changes. If we are talking about 2-3 kg, it’s possible to say goodbye to them in a week. But is it worth it?

      To lose weight and save the result, you need to change your eating habits in the long run and make physical activity part of everyday life. This is the only true strategy. If you lose weight "urgently", for example, before a holiday or vacation, lost kilos will definitely return to you, and it will be good if there are no extra.

      You should sensibly understand your capabilities, and not demand anything unattainable from the body. According to WHO recommendations, overweight people should lose no more than 10% of the total body weight per month - you can aim at this figure. In order not not slow down the progress, try to avoid the following common mistakes.     

      1. Fasting      

      Hunger-diets are a hopeless option for the body. You can really quickly lose a few kilos if you eat little, but very soon the body will demand for compensation of losses, and there will be a "breakdown" – a state in which you will not be able to control appetite and will eat more actively than before. If you manage to remain in a hungry mode for a long time, it will damage health. On a weight loss, it is recommended to consume at least 24 kcal per 1 kg of body weight per day – just keep this in mind.     

      2. Pills and other "magic tools" for weight loss      

      To lose weight, you need to consume less calories than you spend - this is the main rule that you can follow without any tricks. All kinds of pills, teas, wraps, creams are just marketing traps, which, moreover, can harm your health. Do not let yourself be fooled. The key to successful weight loss is a proper nutrition, moderate physical activity – and nothing more.     

      3. Lack of physical activity      

      The body adapts to any conditions, and if you are on a diet without physical training, the process of losing weight stops quite quickly. In addition, without exercise, especially with a sedentary way of life, you spend not a lot of energy during the day, and in order to lose weight, you will have to eat very little. The training will allow you to eat well, do not starve and reduce weight at a comfortable pace.      

      4. Lack of water      

      In the last century, fitness coaches often forbade their trainees to drink water during training. It is clear that, with intense sweating, people lost a certain amount of liquid, and after exercising they saw a dream-like decrease in numbers. The thing is that fat does not "burn" so fast, and lost  water is restored, it is worth drinking 1-2 cups of water.

      There are no calories in water, so you can drink it as much as you want when you lose weight. What is more, it is especially necessary for those who are on a weight loss, and even more so for those who train. The norm is about 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

      By the way, the best choice is artesian water – it does not only compensate the loss of liquid, but also provides the body with the necessary microelements. The company Vodoliy offers such water.