Peculiarities Of Making Coffee With The Help Of Different Equipment

Which coffee tastes better - made in a cezve or in a state-of-the-art coffee machine, brewed in a “Turkish” or “Italian” way? We can argue endlessly about this question. Every method and every coffee “device” will always have its fans and critics. However, the truth is, as usual, somewhere in the middle - namely, in the fact that every method of making coffee has its own secrets that make the drink special.
Good old cezve In order for coffee brewed in a cezve to retain its delicate taste and rich aroma, the grind must be coarse - too fine fraction is literally “digested” after such a long interaction with hot water, and in the end coffee can be too bitter. The optimal rproportion of ingredients for this method of brewing is 10 grams of coffee per 150-190 ml of water. It is very important not to bring coffee to a boil - as soon as the foam starts to rise, you need to take the cezve off the fire. Filter coffee Coffee maker with a paper filter is one of the simplest and most affordable coffee making devices. Its works simply: pour ground coffee into a paper filter, and then pour hot water there as well. It slowly seeps through the coffee and a tight filter and is collected in the lower container. The drink is not too strong and very fragrant. Americans brew such coffee in the proportion of 5-6 g per 150-190 ml, Europeans - 10 g per cup. Geyser coffee maker Popular Italian coffee maker "mocha", which is often called geyser coffee maker, is something like a teapot on a stand. The brewing process is simple: the water in the heater is brought to a boil, then is pushed through ground coffee and rises through the tube to the top of the coffee maker. This happens due to internal pressure: saturated steam, like a spring, literally pushes the finished coffee up. Per 40 ml of water, 7 g of ground coffee is usually put to a geyser coffee maker. Coffee machine In spite of wide functionality of modern coffee machines, espresso still remains the basis of everything. It is made as follows: water at a temperature of 90-94 ° C under pressure passes through the filter, in which special finely ground coffee is placed. The whole process takes no more than 25 seconds, and the portion of coffee is 20-35 ml. The portion requires 8-22 grams of coffee - depending on the sort, type of blend, etc.