Why Is It Necessary To Drink Water To Lose Weight?

Well, you decided to seriously take care of your health and normalize your weight. When you open any article on the topic of weight loss, among the recommendations you will definitely see the thesis that you need to drink a lot of water. There is often a specific amount of water, which is 2 liters per day or even more. Let's find out, where this figure came from, why we should drink water while losing weight and what science says about it.

The basic need for liquid

      According to recommendations, the average norm of liquid for an adult is 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. Therefore, so-called 2 liters is the daily norm for a person weighing 65-67 kg.

      It is better to calculate your individual norm on your own. However, don’t be scared if you weigh, let’s say, 95 kg, and the daily norm of liquid for you is almost 3 liters. It seems that it is impossible to drink so much water. In fact, any liquid counts, including water, tea, coffee, broths, soups, vegetables and fruits, which contain a lot of juice. However, it’s better to remember that some drinks remove liquid from the body until it gets used to it.

      However, when it comes to losing weight, remember that you should avoid sweet juices, sodas and any other beverages with sugar, and replace your favorite lemonade with a sugar-free compote. It’s better to limit consumption of tea and coffee, even if it’s sugar free, as excessive amounts of caffeine harm the nervous system and digestion. As you see, it turns out that with a perfectly balanced menu, water still is a major source of the liquid needed.

Electrolyte balance

      The key to successful weight loss is movement. Someone goes to the gym, someone just walks a lot; the most important thing is to move, so that the body spends energy and burns the “fuel” stored in the fat cells. When we move, the brain transmits the impulses to muscles, and for this process nervous system needs electrolytes of potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Here artesian water is of a use, as its microelement composition is perfectly balanced.

      In addition, we lose a large amount of water and electrolytes with sweat, when we train, and artesian water, once again, compensates for the loss perfectly.

Muscles and joints

      Our muscles store a special substance – glycogen, which consists of molecules of water and glucose. When the person performs physical activity, glycogen is used as one of the sources of energy. During the time of rest, its supplies should be replenished, and for that the body uses carbohydrates, obtained from food and water. This allows you to recover completely after training, and feel well during next activity.

     Without carbohydrates and water, the body also synthesizes synovial fluid, which provides hydration of joints. Filling the synovial bag located between the heads of the bones, the liquid makes it elastic, and does not allow the bones to rub too much. This prevents premature wear of the joints and inflammatory diseases.


     If you are used to eating abundantly, but you want to lose weight, you have to revise your menu. Not used to smaller portions, body will ask for more food, and it is very difficult not to give in to the demands of the empty stomach. Water helps to control appetite and provides a comfortable digestion that will save you from overeating.