Bracing And Fragrant... What Can Be Better Than Coffee?

There are people, who quickly make a drink of "3-in-1" getting ready for work; there are those who get up earlier to grind coffee beans and make it in a cezve. Someone grabs a big latte “to-go” in a coffee shop, and someone brews Americano at work, buzzing with a coffee machine, which welcomes the start of a new working day. Many people start their morning with coffee and cheer themselves up with it during the day. Soury espresso, creamy cappuccino, sweet mocha – everyone prefers a different cup of coffee, not only the taste being the main reason.

      Why is coffee an energizer?      

      The most famous property of coffee is the energy it provides us with due to a substance called caffeine, which is also contained in tea and even in chocolate, but at a lower concentration. The molecules of caffeine are structurally similar to adrenaline –  a hormone produced by human adrenal glands; it also provides us with everything needed for survival in an extreme situation: muscle tone, intense attention, quick reaction and clear thinking. In a state of tranquility adrenaline is also produced, but in smaller amounts, just to maintain the body during the day, revealing its "super potencial powers" only after a short extreme increase.

      Something similar happens when people drink coffee, as caffeine affects the same receptors in the brain as adrenaline does. A small portion of caffeine helps concentrate on the necessary tasks, think more quickly and clearly, to train more efficiently, and bigger one does the same, but more intensely.      

      “Hidden” benefits of coffee     

      In addition to energizing properties, caffeine also has other less-known positive effects, namely, it:

      • stimulates digestion;

      • removes excess liquid;

      • increases arterial pressure (useful for hypotonics);

      • helps control appetite.

      In addition to caffeine, coffee contains organic acids that neutralize the action of free radicals and thus prevent premature aging. Of course, all of this concerns only high-quality coffee beans, which is much better to buy home.      

      Contraindications and precautions      

      For stimulating properties of coffee not to play an evil joke with you, it is better not to drink it in the afternoon, otherwise you may have insomnia. For people with hypertension it is better to avoid this drink at all or to buy a decaffeinated product. People with gastritis, colitis and peptic ulcer should also be careful with coffee.

      In addition, in order not to be in an unpleasant situation when you are run out of coffee at an awkward moment, you can order coffee delivery – we offer coffee in beans, ground or soluble – for every taste.