Is There A Water On Mars?

In July 2018 a revolutionary discovery was made. If earlier the mars rover Curiosity found only dried lakes, which confirmed that water existed on Mars for some time, on the 25-th of July Roberto Orosei from the National Institute of Astrophysics published an article, in which he claimed that they found liquid water on the neighbouring countries.

     One fact needs to be clarified: water is present in the atmosphere of Mars in the state of gase, and in a solid form it exists in ice caps at poles. However, liquid water was found for the first time - according to scientists, the discovered lake lies at a depth of 1.5 km under the ice.

      The diameter of the reservoir is about 20 km. The power of the radar is not able to estimate its depth and contours precisely, but the water layer thickness is not less than a meter. According to Orosei, these characteristics allow to consider it an inventory of independent water reservoirs, as it is not just a layer of melted water, like those that can be found in ice-flows on Earth.

      Of course, it is not drinking water, which we are accustomed to - Martian "soils" contain perchlorates of some minerals, which apparently occur in water. According to scientists. those are the substances, which do not allow water to freeze at low temperatures.

      So far, radar can observe only large objects in water, and only a few percent of the South Plateau is investigated, so it's impossible to state if there is water elsewhere, but Orosei does not even doubt about its presence.

      Earlier it was reported that methane, a gas that was synthesized on Earth by some anaerobic bacteria, was discovered on Mars. The concentration of methane in the atmosphere of the planet varies depending on the time of the year. The discovery suggests that such microorganisms can exist on Mars,but the conditions did not seem to be suitable for any life. Now, when liquid water was found on the “red” planet”, this puzzle began to gather. It is only left to prove that there is really something alive in water.

      What does this mean for earthlings? The presence of even primitive life on Mars is already a serious scientific discovery. What is even more important, if organic exists there, hypothetically (!) human being will be able to adapt to the conditions of Mars, and in case of an ecological, demographic or other catastrophe on Earth, humanity will be able to colonize Mars and escape from extinction. There is nothing left but hope that people will treat their new home more responsibly and carefully.

      In addition, we can still make contribution to save the Earth! Conscious consumption, switching to environmentally friendly fuels, reusable bags instead of plastic ones and flasks instead of PET bottles, composting and sorting garbage - all of this not only makes the planet cleaner, but also is economical.