How to choose bottled water equipment?

Bottled water delivery is the easiest, the most convenient and beneficial way to provide yourself with high quality drinking water in required quantity. You just call once, and we deliver artesian mineral water to you home, office or any institution quickly at the time of your convenience. Furthermore, we provide you with the special equipment for your quick and convenient use of water from heavy bottles. In this article we are telling about the best kinds of equipment for bottled water, depending on the conditions of use.

     Water pump: cheap and simple       

      If you order bottled drinking water to your place, a regular plastic pump is the best choice. It is light, inexpensive and durable. If needed, even a child can easily to take it apart, wash, and reinstall it from another bottle. If you choose a water pump, buy it from your supplier, as experienced consultants will offer you the most durable model of the best quality, will help assemble and install it.       

      Cooler for bottled water       

      The best option for offices, cafes, restaurants, sport centres and other institutions is a water cooler - it is much more expensive than a pump, but also has more functional benefits.

      Unlike a pump, the cooler supplies water through a small tap. This way, it runs faster, which is better for public places. The cooler can also have additional functions, like water cooling, heating, and even carbonation       

      Dispenser: compact and convenient      

      A dispenser is a device that combines the compactness of a pump and the speed of a cooler, and  it can also be bought from the water supplier. It is suitable for schools, daycares, small offices and gyms, where there is no place to install a bulky cooler, but the speed of the water supply is important.

      If you have doubts, you can consult your water supplier, as people who have been working in this field for many years are always able to give appropriate advice.