Ukrainian water resorts: where to have rest and recover health

In the article we are telling about water resorts in Ukraine and characteristics of healing water.


       Water in Truskavets undergoes regular analysis in a specialized laboratory. The resort is famous for its water of several different types: rich in hydrocarbon, magnesium and calcium, in sodium and chloride and in sodium, chloride and sulfate. Such water removes kidney stones, improves liver, gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract function, reduces inflammation.

       Resorts of Transcarpathia

       There are three resort areas in the picturesque Transcarpathian region: Kvasy, Svaliava and Skhidnytsia. Local artesian carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate water is advised in cases of inflammatory diseases of the gallbladder, stomach, bowel, and peptic ulcer disease. This kind of water should be slightly warmed up before drinking to remove carbon dioxide excess.

       Kuialnyk Myrhorod, Morshyn

       Located in Odessa region, Kuialnyk is famous for its chloride-sodium water with a unique anionic and cationic composition. It stimulates stomach and intestine motor function, improving digestion and preventing constipation, and boosts nutrient absorption. The same concerns water from iconic resorts - Myrhorod and Morshyn.

       Tovtry and Satan

       These are small resort towns in Khmelnytsky region, where people can improve their health with the help of hydrocarbonate drinking water enriched with magnesium, calcium, chlorine, iron, potassium and other vital trace elements. Such water is especially helpful in cases of liver and biliary diseases and  general body exhaustion as well.


       The resort is called this way to visit it once a year or every other year. People should limit the quantity of consumed healing water with such a broad spectrum of action,, like in case with any other medicine. For regular use it is necessary to buy specially prepared clean water: even if it is extracted from the well, its mineral composition is perfectly balanced that allows to drink it every day and use it for boiling and cooking.