What is the best thirst quenching drink?

When summer comes, here and there in the streets there are stands with kvass, milkshakes and lemonades. And if we are thirsty, we do not think too much when choosing a drink - we just buy what is next to us. However, experts - doctors, nutritionists and environmentalists - believe that it is better to think about thirst in advance and take a bottle of drinking water from home. Let's find out why.

Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee contain caffeine, which has a diuretic effect, and if you make them strong, there is a risk of losing more fluid than the body is supplied with. In addition, if you drink add milk, sugar, cream or syrup to tea or coffee, it becomes caloric: if you always quench your thirst with such a drink, you can put on weight significantly. Cold tea sold in stores is not the best option as well, as it contains sugar, preservatives and flavorings.

Cola and other sodas

Coca-Cola and Pepsi also contain caffeine, which not only takes out liquid from the body, but also can lead to nervous system delirium, which is fraught with increased anxiety, insomnia and tremor. In addition, such drinks contain acids that harm tooth enamel and walls of the stomach and sugar, which is fattening and unhealthy; drinks marked "light" or "zero" contain artificial sweeteners that can cause allergies.

Other sodas like Fanta, Tarhun, etc. contain large amounts of sugar, food dyes, flavorings, preservatives and carbon dioxide, which brings harm to the body.

Lemons, juices and cocktails

Various milkshakes and fruit cocktails served in coffee shops are very high in calories. You may enjoy this drink from to time, but regular consumption can lead to excess weight. The same concerns store-bought juices, almost all of which contain sugar.

Why is water the best choice?

Clean water doesn't have foreign flavours, therefore, it quenches thirst quickly - unlike sweet drinks, which make you want to drink them more. There are no calories in it, so you can drink as much as you want. In addition, artesian water supplies the body with minerals.

If you order water in bottles, you can just get a small reusable bottle and take water from home. This is not only healthy and economical, but also environmentally friendly, so you will not pollute the environment with millkshake cups or cola bottles.