Water delivery outside the city

There are a lot of water delivery services in Kyiv, and there are plenty of opportunities to choose. However, in the suburbs of the capital, even if they are not too distant, the situation is completely different. The quality of tap water is not good - piped water suitable for drinking is provided only in elite residential complexes; other people have to install filters or buy bottled water.

The first option is not the best one, as the body needs minerals, an in purified water does not contain them. Buying water in the store is inconvenient (unplanned load), unprofitable (in retail water is more expensive than in large amounts) and not environmentally friendly (plastic product generates toxic waste, and disposable bottles only become a huge amount of rubbish).
Some companies deliver bottled water to suburban localities. We have examined most up-to-date offers to help readers find the best supplier.

Pricing policy

Water delivery to Borispol is carried out by the majority of large suppliers, such as Alaska, Skandinavia, etc. The price for one bottle is up to 135 UAH. In Brovary, the most popular suppliers are Chysto Voda, Rais'ke Dzherelo, Nebraska Krynytsya and Morshynska. The price per one bottle is from 93 to 135 UAH.
Similar offers are available in Bucha and Vyshneve. Water delivery to Irpin is cheaper - some companies offer not artesian, but ordinary purified water at the price of 48-60 UAH per bottle. And although such water has worse quality than the artesian, many customers prefer it for economical reasons.

What we offer

Company Vodoliy delivers water not only in Kiev, but also oitside the city. Quick and affordable water delivery to Brovary, Bucha, Vyshneve, Boryspil and other suburbs of the capital allows you not to worry about the availability of drinking water and always have some at home. Our product is the purest artesian water with an ideally balanced mineral composition. It is extracted from a well in a resort area, located far from industrial facilities, and is purified by modern methods. The price for one bottle is 75 UAH, which is, on average, 40% cheaper than another artesian water.
Minimum order outside the city is 2 bottles, and delivery is free. Upon wholesale orders (from 10 bottles), discounts are provided. Water delivery to Vyshneve, Boryspil and other suburbs of Kiev is carried out the day after it is ordered.