How much does it cost to purify water? Purification of drinking water at home

"Grandmother’s" method: sedimentation

Price: free
The principle of the method is as following: you pour water into open containers and leave it in a dark cool place for 3-5 days. In theory, all impurities settle out, and the water is clean.
Pros: Accessibility.
Cons: Bacteria and dust enter the container, which, anyway, does not contribute to the cleanliness of its content. Chlorine from tap water is not removed in this way, and it is still not completely safe.


Price: only for gas / electricity
The principle: When heated, bacteria die, and water becomes safe.
Pros: Accessibility.
Cons: it is inappropriate. The habit of boiling water remained from the times when only water from surface sources or untested wells was available – in such cases, boiling is necessary. Due to boiling, usual tap water can become even worse, as toxic substances are formed during the process of destroying of some salts.

Water purification with special stones or silver

Price: starting from 45 UAH per 500 g
The method is as following: Special stones (usually quartz, shungite or silicon) or silver emit ions or minerals that kill the bacteria and turn the water to the healing one.
Pros: not found.
Cons: inefficiency. No scientific research would prove stones capability of water purification. In order to ionize or mineralize the water, there are special conditions or preparations required. On the packages of such stones, the fine print says that it is recommended to take filtered water – taking into account the fact that three lines above, but with the nicer larger letters, the manufacturer promises that the stones themselves will clear the water. Using stones, found on your own, or silver jewelry for these purposes is particularly dangerous as they may contain microorganisms that actively thrive in the water.

Filter jug

Price: starting from 140 UAH for a jug + from 25 UAH for an alternate cartridge
The principle: Depending on their type, the cartridges purify water from chlorine, phenol and bacteria, toxins and foreign particles; reduce water hardness, mineralize it. Coal mixtures (adsorbents) and ion-exchange resin serve as filtering elements in cartridges.
Pros: ease of use, quite good purifying capability.
Cons: The cartridge needs changing, otherwise it loses its characteristics, and bacteria start multiplying within it. This is the question of responsibility, not the system itself, but it is inconvenient to monitor the status of the filter constantly. The chemical composition of the water purified in this way is unbalanced, and, for additional mineralization, you need to know which minerals in the water are lacking, and which are enough. Since there are few people who have the opportunity to conduct a water analysis, everything is done randomly, and the consequences are unpredictable. In addition, the more state-of-the-art cartridges you have, the more often you need to change them.

Reverse osmosis systems

Price: starting from 2000 UAH for system + from 9 UAH for a removable filter
The principle of the method: Reverse osmosis is a process, during which water passes through the filter under pressure, leaving all foreign particles in it.
Pros: High purifying quality.
Cons: High price. In addition, as a result of this purification, water loses all its minerals. It supplies water to the body, but it does not provide it with microelements. Lack of such nutrients can lead malfunctioning of all systems of the body. The more balanced your diet you have, the less likely you are to deal with such problems, but there are still certain risks. It especially concerns people who exercise regularly, as their body spends a large amount of minerals.

Conclusion: Bottled water as a healthy alternative

Price: 65 UAH for 19 liters
The principle: You order water by any means of communication convenient for you; it is delivered to your home at the time you choose. You can also choose and order water-bottling equipment all at once – it will be installed, and you will get advice on all details.
Pros: Artesian water of the Vodoliy TM with a balanced mineral composition is the best way to quench thirst. It replenishes the stocks of sodium, magnesium, potassium and fluoride, contributing to the health of bones and teeth, nerves, digestive and cardiovascular systems. It is tasty and perfect for cooking.
Cons: lack of continuous supply. However, this problem is solved quickly and simply, because water is delivered at any time of your convenience.