Benefits and advantages of artesian water.

We’ve hear about the benefits of artesian water from commercial, but only a few people can immediately explain how it differs from any other kind of water, except it’s origin. Meanwhile, disputes about it in the medical environment have not ceased since the XIX century. Let's figure out what the peculiarity of artesian water is and how useful it is.

What is artesian water?
Natural waters are divided into three types: surface, soil and artesian. To the first type denote seas and oceans, rivers and streams, lakes, swamps, etc. The groundwater lies at a depth of 5-10 m - they themselves go out to the surface in the form of springs, and to access them digging wells, installing pumps. Artesian waters are at a depth of 100 to 300 meters and move under pressure: There is no need pump or well to get to them, - you just need to drill a well, and water will go out by itself.

Користь і переваги артезіанської води

What are the benefits of artesian water?
Even children know that fact that surface water is not always suitable for drinking. There may be dirt, harmful microorganisms and parasites in freshwater , some of which do not die even after boiling. Groundwater is considered relatively safe, but it can also be sand, earth, bacteria. Although the risk of poisoning with water from a source or well is much lower than the risk of poisoning with river water, it is still not recommended to use it without preliminary heat treatment.
artesian water is absolutely clean. It doesn't contain any impurities, microorganisms, insects, etc. In addition, if surface and groundwater is polluted as a result of human activities (toxic waste, fertilizers, etc.), then no pollution occurs to the depths of the artesian deposits. Such kind of water does not depend on climate change - air temperature or precipitation.
However, the main advantage of artesian water is an extremely rich mineral composition, due to which it is used in medical practice, and along with wells, entire resort towns are being built.

The Benefit Of artesian water For Health.
The composition of artesian water determines the layers of the crust surrounding it - it is gradually saturated with mineral matter. It contains a whole range of trace elements - potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, fluorine, iodine, copper and other minerals, the ratio of which depends on the place of occurrence of water.
The listed substances perform in the human body a number of important functions, including:
● Provide normal conduction of nerve fibers, which, in turn, contributes to the proper functioning of the skeletal and smooth muscles, heart, vessels and the brain;
● involved in the synthesis of hormones;
● regulate blood composition;
● normalize digestion;
● provide the full functioning of the thyroid gland, which determines the health of the whole endocrine system.

To feel the result for yourself, drinking artesian water should be 2-3 cups each day, but some effects are noticeable after a couple of swallows. Such water is alkaline, and with high acidity stabilizes the internal environment of the stomach, instantly relieving from heartburn and other abdominal abnormalities.

Why is it better to buy bottled artesian water?
Often artesian water in its original form may contain too many salts and minerals. In such cases, it not only has an unusual tint (greenish, yellow, blue or brownish) and a specific odor, but it can also be a danger to the unprepared organism. Built-in artesian water is pre-treated, during which the content of minerals in it is reduced to values recommended by the WHO. It is also extra cleaned, and on the table the buyer gets a transparent, delicious, without foreign smells. Such water can be drunk in any quantity and used for cooking - it will bring only one benefit.