Types and standards of drinking water quality

Any drinking water, whether water or bottled, must meet the standards set by the authorities responsible for health and food industry. In different countries, these standards may vary: the differences depend on the characteristics of surface and groundwater within a given area, statistics of various diseases, the climate and many other factors. In this article, we will tell what standards determine the quality of drinking water and why artesian water is reasonably considered the best option.

All you need to know about water coolers

   In this article, you will find out how the bottled water cooler works, why people need it, what types of water coolers there are and where you can buy them in Kiev.    A cooler is a device for bottled or tap water treatment and supply. It is mainly used in offices, shopping and educational institutions, but sometimes in private homes as well. It is quick and convenient to draw water with a cooler; when it comes to public places, it is also one of the most hygienic options.

Bottled water storage: how packaging affects the quality of drinking water?

   When plastic bottles appeared on the market of drinking water and other drinks, glass containers took backseat being more expensive and fragile. Environmentalists and doctors have sounded the well-grounded alarm, and there are still arguments whether potential risks are justified by the lightweight and low prices of PET bottles.   If you take care of your health and the environment, you will surely be interested in this topic. Let's say from the beginning: PET bottles are not really as innocent as they seem at first glance, but it is not necessary to get back to a heavy fragile glass either. For example, we deliver water in polycarbonate bottles, which is an environmentally friendly, safe, light and durable material.

Drinking water sources: which one to choose?

   The amount of water in a human body ranges from 50 to 70%. To maintain this level, one should consume about 30 ml of liquid per 1 kg of body weight daily. Hence comes the popular recommendation to drink 2 liters (or eight glasses) of water per day; after all, you need to focus on your own health rather than on numbers. However, even if you drink enough, it does not guarantee that you will be as sound as a bell –not only the quantity, but also the quality of water matters.   What kind of water is the best choice for consumption? To answer this question, we offer to consider all the options available to common Kyiv residents in…

Pure water from a pure heart!

The company “Vodoliy” has been working in Ukraine for over 18 years now. Every year since 2017 thousands of Kyiv citizens entrust us with their health. We are pleased to live up to the trust of our customers and become better from year to year.

Benefits and advantages of artesian water.

We’ve hear about the benefits of artesian water from commercial, but only a few people can immediately explain how it differs from any other kind of water, except it’s origin. Meanwhile, disputes about it in the medical environment have not ceased since the XIX century. Let's figure out what the peculiarity of artesian water is and how useful it is. What is artesian water?Natural waters are divided into three types: surface, soil and artesian. To the first type denote seas and oceans, rivers and streams, lakes, swamps, etc. The groundwater lies at a depth of 5-10 m - they themselves go out to the surface in the form of springs, and to access them digging wells, installing pumps. Artesian waters…
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