Why Is It Necessary To Drink Water To Lose Weight?

Well, you decided to seriously take care of your health and normalize your weight. When you open any article on the topic of weight loss, among the recommendations you will definitely see the thesis that you need to drink a lot of water. There is often a specific amount of water, which is 2 liters per day or even more. Let's find out, where this figure came from, why we should drink water while losing weight and what science says about it.

Bracing And Fragrant... What Can Be Better Than Coffee?

There are people, who quickly make a drink of "3-in-1" getting ready for work; there are those who get up earlier to grind coffee beans and make it in a cezve. Someone grabs a big latte “to-go” in a coffee shop, and someone brews Americano at work, buzzing with a coffee machine, which welcomes the start of a new working day. Many people start their morning with coffee and cheer themselves up with it during the day. Soury espresso, creamy cappuccino, sweet mocha – everyone prefers a different cup of coffee, not only the taste being the main reason.

Is There A Water On Mars?

In July 2018 a revolutionary discovery was made. If earlier the mars rover Curiosity found only dried lakes, which confirmed that water existed on Mars for some time, on the 25-th of July Roberto Orosei from the National Institute of Astrophysics published an article, in which he claimed that they found liquid water on the neighbouring countries.

Influence Of Water On A Child's Body: Why Water Is Necessary For Children And How Much To Drink?

To begin with, let’s find out one interesting fact. Many sources say that up to 80% of the human body is water. In fact, in case with adults this figure is lower – it is about 60-70%, but the body of a child really contains 80%, and that of a baby - even more. Accordingly, in order to sustain normal living activities, children need more water than adults (in relation to the weight). What is more, each age group has its specific needs. 

How to choose bottled water equipment?

Bottled water delivery is the easiest, the most convenient and beneficial way to provide yourself with high quality drinking water in required quantity. You just call once, and we deliver artesian mineral water to you home, office or any institution quickly at the time of your convenience. Furthermore, we provide you with the special equipment for your quick and convenient use of water from heavy bottles. In this article we are telling about the best kinds of equipment for bottled water, depending on the conditions of use.

Ukrainian water resorts: where to have rest and recover health

In the article we are telling about water resorts in Ukraine and characteristics of healing water. Truskavets Water in Truskavets undergoes regular analysis in a specialized laboratory. The resort is famous for its water of several different types: rich in hydrocarbon, magnesium and calcium, in sodium and chloride and in sodium, chloride and sulfate. Such water removes kidney stones, improves liver, gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract function, reduces inflammation.

What is the best thirst quenching drink?

When summer comes, here and there in the streets there are stands with kvass, milkshakes and lemonades. And if we are thirsty, we do not think too much when choosing a drink - we just buy what is next to us. However, experts - doctors, nutritionists and environmentalists - believe that it is better to think about thirst in advance and take a bottle of drinking water from home. Let's find out why.

Water grammar for children and adults

A bit of humor from our workdays. Professional deformation is a terrible thing. An editor unconsciously looks for the mistakes in the signboards of stores, a military man can not drink coffee calmly without making bed perfectly, a psychotherapist puts diagnoses on all friends during heart-to-heart conversations ... There is an endless list of examples. And our team doesn't stay apart. Unlike strict editors, we are loyal to grammar mistakes like no-one is. Moreover, in particularly difficult cases we understand "what the author wanted to say", without any translators and dictionaries....

Water delivery outside the city

There are a lot of water delivery services in Kyiv, and there are plenty of opportunities to choose. However, in the suburbs of the capital, even if they are not too distant, the situation is completely different. The quality of tap water is not good - piped water suitable for drinking is provided only in elite residential complexes; other people have to install filters or buy bottled water.

Water purification at home: why water supply system does not always meet the sanitary norms

"All my life I have been drinking water from the tap, and nothing happened," - that is what we often hear from carefree friends and acquaintances. Under "nothing" they usually mean that the person was lucky not to have been poisoned by tap water; and if they were poisoned, they put everything down to an "oat cookie", as told in the old joke. Indeed, cases of emergency, when colonies of pathogenic bacteria travel through pipes, are extremely rare - it is a deplorable sanitary norms violation, which arises by accident and is quickly removed. The point is that the damage from the consumption of tap water has a cumulative character.

How much does it cost to purify water? Purification of drinking water at home

"Grandmother’s" method: sedimentation Price: freeThe principle of the method is as following: you pour water into open containers and leave it in a dark cool place for 3-5 days. In theory, all impurities settle out, and the water is clean.Pros: Accessibility.Cons: Bacteria and dust enter the container, which, anyway, does not contribute to the cleanliness of its content. Chlorine from tap water is not removed in this way, and it is still not completely safe.

Water delivery in Kiev. How to choose a water supplier?

If you live in a big city, you will not be left without water - in the capital and regional centers there are usually half a dozen of water delivery services, and often even more. For example, more than thirty different companies offer water delivery services in Kiev. So, which one should you choose?Each company is trying to create the most favorable conditions for the clients, and it is very difficult to find the one where both service and quality of products and pricing policy are equally satisfying. On choosing a water supplier, we advise you to follow the following criteria.
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