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Are you sure that you drink enough water?

5 signs of dehydration:

The nervous system is the first to react to any disturbances in the water-electrolyte balance. Liquid deficiency leads to neurons conductivity decrease and a person can feel physical weakness, apathy and an obsessive desire to sleep.

One of the first symptoms of dehydration is blood pressure violation, which lead to headache. If you are in such situation probable you drink not enough water.

Lack of water reduce neural connections which lead to cognitive functions depreciation in particular, attention, reaction, concentration, speed and clarity of thinking. The first thing that should be done to deal with mental abilities decrease is to normalize drinking regimen.

Water is necessary for normal gastric acidity, producing enough digestive juices and regular defecation. Heartburn, heaviness in the stomach and constipation most often mean a lack of fluids.

Water is necessary for the normal conduct of nerve signals. With dehydration, the nervous system is unable to deal with irritants, which can increase stress level, even when there are no objective reasons for this.

Water affects all vital processes in the body: from dividing cells to removing toxins from the body.
That is why it is important to drink not only clean, but also safe water.
This is the artesian water "Vodoliy"


Obtained from a well depth of 128 m from the Cenomanian Aquifer in the Vorzel resort village, Kiev region. There are no industrial facilities near the well.


Due to its natural origin, artesian water “Vodoliy” has an optimal microelement structure for human body which is well absorbed.

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Take care of your health and order drinking water TM "Vodoliy" to home and office

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They already taste water "Vodoliy"

"Wonderful water! Excellent service, everyone is happy!" Anastasia Martsenko

Anastasia Martsenko

Co-owner of SKILLS events company

"I've been ordering water "Vodoliy" for a long time at home and at work. Thanks for the quick and delicious high-quality water! " Michael Kondratenko

Michael Kondratenko

Deputy Director of the Department

"I am a pensioner and health support is very important for me. Therefore, I only drink bottled purified water. Thank you very much to the "Vodoliy" Company for delicious and high-quality water! " Olga Grakova

Olga Grakova


"Delivery very quickly makes it even day to day, which is very convenient. Water is tasty and like all employees. Satisfied with the cooperation with the company "Vodoliy". I recommend! " Ulyana Patzkan

Ulyana Patzkan

Manager of the company Indposhiv

"Super delivery! Beautiful water with good taste. Water "Vodoliy" I recommend to everyone! " Alexey Beznosenko

Alexey Beznosenko

Tennis coach at the Tennis Federation of Ukraine


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Make your order specifying all the necessary information.

Our operator will contact you to negotiate the delivery time and specify the amount of the order.

Reception of orders on the website works 24/7. Processing and delivery are carried out during working hours. 


Courier delivery within Kyiv. 


Working hours of the delivery

On weekdays from 08:00 to 20:00

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Do you order the first time?

1. How to order drinking water on the website?

Specify your name and surname, contact phone number, full delivery address (city, street, house number, apartment number), water pump or cooler if necessary.

On the first order, a deposit value of 300 UAH is paid for each polycarbonate bottle. Money will be returned to you in case of breaking of cooperation.

*As a deposit, undamaged bottles of other suppliers are also accepted.

2. How to pay for the order of artesian water "Vodoliy" on the website?

For on-line payment on the website, you need to:

- Create and send the order by clicking on the button "Order" (see point 1)

- Click the button "Pay", enter the amount of the order and payment details of your card.

Online payments are made using the LiqPay system.